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African Horseback Safaris in Southern Africa

African Horseback Safaris

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Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris - Mashatu Game Reserve

Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris offer the experience of a lifetime. Surrounded by a multitude of Africa's flora and fauna, come and explore this breathtaking terrain from horseback, in the company of your experienced African equine host who has extensive knowledge and experience of the bush.

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African Horseback Safari - Okavango Delta

The main attraction is the joy of riding good horses over superb country, with just about every landscape dotted with game. The riding is varied, sometimes quietly walking, stalking big game and admiring the bird life, sometimes cantering through the water-meadows alongside galloping giraffe and lechwe. The 4x4s are used for night drives, spotting the nocturnal species and for close up photography of kills and predators.

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Wait a little Horse Safaris - Limpopo Province

"Imagine this: You are sitting astride a horse as he stands face to face with a buffalo and curiously sniffs the buffalo's nose. Just half an hour later you are standing, relaxed, close to two rhinos, photographing them from the saddle as they seek shade from the midday sun. "

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The Desert Homestead and Horse Trails - Namibia

..meandering across endless plains or discovering ancient water courses on a beautifully groomed steed is a magical and alternative way to appreciate the surroundings.

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South African Horseback Safaris

Your guide Steven Rufus is an experienced horseman. He has lectured in equine studies, competed in eventing at a top level in South Africa and is a registered farrier. Nine years ago he established Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris in Botswana which is now one of the leading horse safaris. He has recently moved back to South Africa.

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Horizon Horseback Safaris

Horizon Horseback offers the option of the more classic Safari – with a number of nights in camps and lodges, and a number of adventure activities, run from their ranch in the Waterberg Mountains. Thus experienced and novice riders can be catered for, and with a choice of 70 expertly schooled horses, you can be matched with the perfect mount.


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Okavango Horse Safaris

This is surely one of the best ways to experience the magnificent Okavango Delta - on horseback, where you get closer to wildlife, and experience the area in a unique way.

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Varden Horse Safaris

There can be nothing better than experiencing a riding Safari in an untouched wilderness area, where there are no other travellers – just your small group. Undoubtedly, the Mavuradonha Mountains are one of Zimbabwe’s hidden treasures - a little known area of pristine bush situated only 180 kilometres north of Harare.

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