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Namibia - Central Region

The central region is dominated by Namibia`s capital, Windhoek. Khomas Hockland and Omaheke Region is also within the Central Region.

Windhoek , Namibia 's capital city, has a population of about 280 000 inhabitants. The Eros and Auas Mountains as well as the Khomas Highlands surround the city. Windhoek is the seat of the legislative, executive and judicial arms of Government. It is also a real oasis in this arid country with its beautiful parks and gardens, fountains, green lawns, flowers and statues.

Windhoek - The ChristuskircheA famous landmark in the city, the beautiful Christuskirche , is a strong reminder of the country's colonial past. The church has been declared a historical monument and symbol of peace. Nearby, another monument, the Alte Feste , can also be seen. This old German fort is the oldest surviving building in Windhoek and currently serves as a history museum. Previous governments have for decades used the `Tintenpalast` , meaning `Ink Palace`, as their official seat of power and even now it still accommodates the government if the day. It is also well known for its beautiful gardens where one can go for a stroll.

The meteorite fountain in the Post Street Mall is worth a visit. This fountain consists of 33 meteorites, originating from the Gibeon Meteorite Shower about 600 million years ago. This is also the largest such shower known to have hit the earth. Windhoek also boasts three castles, namely the Heinitzburg (which has been converted into a hotel), Zanderburg and Schwerinsburg castles, now private houses.

Needless to say, the city boasts every kind of sports facility. It is home to, among others, Namibia 's national soccer team, the Brave Warriors and the rugby team, the Kudus . For golfers there is the beautiful Country Club grass course, one of only four in Namibia . Windhoek is serviced by two airports as we have mentioned, the Eros Airport in town for mainly domestic and regional flights and the Hosea Kutako International Airport 40 km east of Windhoek . It also has the main railway station, bus terminus and a truck port for road carriers.

The Daan Viljoen Game Reserve (51) conveniently situated about 25 km west of Windhoek , is open throughout the year and particularly popular for day visitors and picnic makers. Two-bed bungalows as well as caravan and camping sites are available. Other amenities at Daan Viljoen include a swimming pool, restaurant and kiosk, which are located next to the dam. This dam contains species of fish, which may be only caught if under license. The park may be explored on foot or by car. As the park is situated in a mountainous area, the hills and valleys provide beautiful settings to watch springbok, eland, gnus, zebras and baboons and a diversity of birds. Short hiking trails as well as a 2 day trail with one overnight stop is also provided in the park.

Further west of Windhoek driving past the Kupferberg pass , one encounters the Gamsberg and Gamsberg Pass (56) . It is the longest and highest (2542 m above sea level) mountain pass in Namibia . Tours in 4x4 vehicles are presently offered to the top of this mountain, providing a stunning view of the surrounding area.

Traveling east into the Omahake Region, the winding tarred road between the city and the international airport should be approached with extreme care. The traveler should especially watch out for kudus that might cross the road unexpectedly. The road to Gobabis is, of course, the beginning of the Trans Kalahari Highway across Botswana to Gauteng , Maputo and Durban .

A few km east of the Hosea Kutako Airport is a turnoff to the farming Windhoek settlement of Nina. Along this gravel road you will find the road to the Arnhem Cave (53) , a dry cave system 2 800 m long. It is situated 124 km from Windhoek and is the longest and most impressive cave in Namibia . It was discovered in 1930 and is home to five bat species.

Gobabis is the main town of the Omaheke region. The town is an important centre for cattle-ranching. The completion of the Trans Kalahari Highway has given the town an economic boost and recently many businesses and several tourist facilities have developed here.

About 100 km to the east of Gobabis one reaches the Buitepos Border Post . Fuel, basic supplies and tent accommodation are also available here. Travellers to Botswana and South Africa should plan their journey in such a way as to reach the border post before closing time at midnight.


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