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We have selected three general styles of Tours for you - Guided Tours, Fly-in Safaris, and Self-drive. The itineraries listed are designed to be enjoyed as they are, or to be used as a guide-line as to what is available in the beautiful and diverse land that is Namibia.

You might also choose to combine more than one style of Tour in your itinerary. Namibia lends itself to self-drive arrangements, but if you don't have a lot of time available, a Fly-in Safari is an excellent option, and also best suited for the secluded and austere Skeleton Coast.

Having a guide can add immeasurably to your enjoyment of the country, as you will learn and see things that might be missed on a self-drive.

We are happy to give advice and information one what might best suit both your plans and budget.

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Guided Tours

We have selected some guided tours - these are often the best way for a first-time visitors to get to know a country, both the well-known areas, and some off of the beaten track areas. These tours are either run as small groups, or on a private basis.

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Fly-in Safaris

Fly-in safaris are a great way to see Namibia. Fly-in safaris offer unparalleled opportunities for excellent photography, and are also the best way to fit in the vast spaces of Namibia into a shorter time.

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Self-Drive Safari

Self-Drive safari,are presented in Namibia, lending itself as a destination.

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